Brendan Scherer

I joined the Mast lab in the fall of 2015, a few years out from my undergraduate studies. In the years between undergrad and grad school I worked on a hops farm and then as a tutor. 

Third Year Ph.D. Student
Education and Employment History: 

BS Botany University of Wisconsin-Madison. May 2013

Contact info: 

King Life Science Building: 4084 


Department of Biological Science

319 Stadium Drive
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL 32306-4295




I am currently outlining my disertation research, where I plan to study the phylogenetics and historical biogeography of the red mangrove family (Rhizophoraceae). I am interested in addressing questions such as, "How has the evolution of adapations to long-distance water dispersal affected the diversification and distribution of plant species?"

Additionally, I hope to investigate the importance of symbioses and other facultative interactions in the establishment and health of mangrove ecosystems.

While my research is still in the early stages, I am excited to use a variety of approaches to shed light on this amazing group of organisms.




Pastore, A. I., and B. P. Scherer. 2016. Changes in community phylogenetic structure in a North American forest chronosequence. Ecosphere 7(12):e01592. 10.1002/ecs2.1592


Brendan is currently the curator for the Robert. K Godfrey Herbarium.

Previous Teaching Experience:

Graduate Student Instructor: General Biology for Non-Majors (Plants and People Section) BSC 1005

TA: Field Botany (BSC 3143C) Fall 2015, 2016

TA: Plants and Society (BSC4933) Spring 2016

TA: Plant Biology Laboratory (BOT3015L) Summer 2016