Brendan Scherer

I joined the Mast lab in the fall of 2015, a year and a half after graduating with a BS in botany from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. In the years between undergrad and grad school I worked as a field technician on a hops farm and as a high school math and science tutor. 

Ph.D. Candidate
Education and Employment History: 

BS Botany University of Wisconsin-Madison. May 2013

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King Life Science Building: Office 4084

Department of Biological Science  319 Stadium Drive 
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306-4295


My research is focused on investigating the degree to which microbial symbionts may be conserved across phylogenetic distance in mangrove propagules.

This research requires metagenomic sampling of bacterial communities, as well as lab experiments looking at the dynamics of the propagule bacterial community during dispersal.


Pastore, A. I., and B. P. Scherer. 2016. Changes in community phylogenetic structure in a North American forest chronosequence. Ecosphere 7(12):e01592. 10.1002/ecs2.1592


Poster: "Biogeography of the Macadamia nut family (Proteaceae)" Botany 2016, Savannah, GA. August 1st, 2016



Graduate Student Instructor: General Biology for Non-Majors (Plants and People Section) BSC 1005. Summer 2017.

TA: Field Botany (BSC 3143C) Fall 2015, 2016

TA: Plants and Society (BSC4933) Spring 2016, Spring 2018

TA: Plant Biology Laboratory (BOT3015L) Summer 2016, Spring 2017.


Robert. K Godfrey Herbarium Graduate Student Curator: Fall 2017

FSU Plant Club: Vice President 2016- Present